The 13 Best Places To Stay In Kefalonia

View of Myrtos Beach, one of the 17 best beaches in Kefalonia, Greece.

Looking for the Best Places to Stay in Kefalonia?

Kefalonia is the biggest of the Ionian islands and the sixth largest in Greece. So, if you’re looking for the best places to stay in Kefalonia you’ve got plenty to choose from!

From the bustling towns on the west coast, to quaint fishing villages and gorgeous coastal enclaves, everyone can find their perfect place on the gorgeous island of Kefalonia.

So, with so many areas to stay in Kefalonia, how do you choose? Luckily you’re in the right place to find out. As someone who’s spent over a decade exploring Greece – and Kefalonia in particular – you’re in safe hands.

And there’s no need to limit yourself to just one part of this wonderful island. If you’ve time, you can take the opportunity to properly explore – just check the map below to see what’s possible!

So, let’s dive right in and check out the 13 best places to stay in Kefalonia for you to choose from.

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Best Places to Stay in Kefalonia: Map

Ready to Discover the Best Places to Stay in Kefalonia?


General view of Fiscardo boats at the harbour in Kefalonia Greece. Fiscardo is one of the best places to stay in Kefalonia.

Book your Stay in Fiscardo

Fiscardo has an old school elegance that makes it one of my nicest places to stay in Kefalonia. Found at the northern-most tip of the island, I was blown away when I first experienced the perfect charm of this upmarket fishing village.

Fiscardo isn’t the easiest place to get to, so you will want to hire a car. If you are staying in the area you could get an airport transfer, but Fiscardo is an convenient to base yourself in if you’re looking to explore the island, so having your own transport is a good idea.

On first arrival, you may notice that the calibre of tourist is a bit different to the larger towns of Argostoli and Lixouri. You get a more refined European crowd here, often in large families celebrating big events or birthdays on a yacht they’ve hired for the week. You may even spy a few A-list celebrities!

Saying that, Fiscardo isn’t intimidatingly glamorous, it’s laid-back vibe will pull you in and keep you coming back again and again. And it’s not as expensive as you’d presume, with decently priced hotels available for those on a budget.

When visiting Fiscardo, I tend to stay in Fiscardonna Luxury Suites which is close to the centre with unique, stylish rooms. Balhambra Suites is another option – this is adults only, so not viable if you’re with kids. Here, you’ll get a pretty decent apartment, very close to Fiscardo’s main hub of activity. But, if you’re looking for hotels in Fiscardo and want to splash some cash, Emelisse Nature Resort is a standout place to stay, although it’s a bit further away from the action. Ionian Emerald Resort is another stunning five star resort I highly recommend.

View of boats at sunset in Fiscardo, Kefalonia's harbour.
Fiscardo’s picturesque harbour at sunset.

Best Things to do in Fiscardo

Fiscardo isn’t short of things to do even though it’s relatively small. Shopping-wise, you can explore the many boutique shops that run all the way up the main coastline. From jewellery to beautiful bags, shoes, dresses, to typical Greek memorabilia, there’s something for everyone.  But, be aware that the price tag can be a little steep in comparison to other places.

The promenade is packed with eateries, such as the famous Captain’s Cabin, offering usually typical Greek food in the many tavernas and of course there’s no shortage of seafood. So you can sit down for a lovely meal after taking a boat trip around the bay, or exploring one of the nearby beaches.

When I first went to Fiskardo I got up early every morning and went for a swim in the clear, crystal waters of Zavalata Beach. It has rather a lake-like feel because you can see the people sunbathing in the waterfront apartments opposite which makes it stand out in comparison to some of the other standard sandy beaches you’ll find in Kefalonia.

Other beaches include the picturesque Kimilia Beach, Fiscardo Beach, Emplisi Beach and Foki. These may involve a small walk or drive – but they have the same kind of hidden enclave vibes as Zavalata. Foki is especially eye-catching and means “seal” in Greek, so naturally this beach is the home to many of these adorable creatures.

Horgota Beach is also nice, and you may recognise some of it from numerous scenes in the film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, which firmly put Kefalonia on people’s holiday destination list a couple of decades ago!

Finally, if you’re feeling more adventurous, why not check out the Venetian Lighthouse, Byzantine Basilica or Roman ruins? These trips will make a nice change to the everyday bustle of the promenade and give you great historical insight into the area.

• Fiscardo village is located 49.5 kilometres north of Argostoli, Kefalonia’s capital
• The best time to visit Fiscardo is July to early September
• Did you know: July is the hottest month of the year in Kefalonia


General view of Plateia Petritsi, Lixouri, Kefalonia, Greece.
Lixouri’s main square, Plateia Petritsi, at dusk

Book your Stay in Lixouri

Lixouri is the second biggest town in Kefalonia and one I know well. I have been a regular in Lixouri for years now, as my Greek partner and I are lucky enough to have a holiday home in the area. This means that I’ve gotten to know and love this harbour town over time, so I’m sure you will love it too.

Despite being less busy than Argostoli, Lixouri is more authentic and has a rather parochial feel that makes it one of the best places to stay in Kefalonia for a true Greek ambiance. To get here, you can drive from Argostoli – it can take around 45 minutes – but if you are driving for the first time, it could take longer to find your way.

You can also get the ferry over, which takes around half an hour and runs frequently. The ferry takes both pedestrians and cars, so from the airport, you can get a transfer, or of course, hire a car.

In summer, the main square in Kefalonia, Plateia Petritsi, is a key social spot and gets very busy with lots of tavernas, ice cream and of course coffee on every corner, my favourite being Mavrodis which has been on the square since 1918!

Lixouri is packed with European tourists, as well as a young local crowd enjoying the nightlife. Naturally, there are also a lot of Greeks who’ve come down from Athens and other parts of the country for holidays.

With hotels, you’re spoilt for choice. From personal experience, I recommend the Apollonian Restaurant and Spa. The pool options are excellent and open to non-guests too, as long as you buy a drink or two! As well as that you can try the spa if you feel like being pampered. The service is great and the rooms are standard upmarket minimalist.

Alternatively, if you want more of an action-packed family-orientated holiday, try the Argile Resort and Spa, The pool is enormous, so great for kids and there’s lots of entertainment. Another option is the Petani Bay Hotel, which overlooks the beautiful Petani Beach.

A word of warning: these hotels will be crammed with tourists in peak times, so if you want a quieter experience you could want to opt for the personal apartment or villa option.

Best Things to do in Lixouri

There are tons of the usual tourist shops in the winding streets around Lixouri coming off the main square where you can pick up some lovely gifts for yourself and course, family and friends.

The main road along the harbour has quite a few delightful restaurants right by the sea – I recommend trying Spavento, which is right on the seafront, or Akrogiali – which has a lovely balcony view overlooking the harbour and excellent food.

Avli is another excellent option. It’s further in the town, but the food is an absolute treat so if you’re visiting Lixouri, you must give it a go. And, if you want to have a drink, try Loft, Inside Bar or Alobar for tasty cocktail options.

There are tons of the usual tourist shops in the winding streets around Lixouri coming off the main square where you can pick up some lovely gifts for yourself and course, family and friends. Choose from beautiful jewellery and clothes selections and of course you’ll find plenty of the normal classic holiday gifts, such as t-shirts, magnets and the like.

Beach-wise, you can’t beat Petani Beach, with its white sands and turquoise waters. But, be prepared for a long drive down the cliff which can get pretty blocked up on popular days. Avoid it if it’s windy, because it’s quite an exposed beach so the waves will be too high for swimming.

General view of Petani beach, Lixouri, Kefalonia island Greece, on a sunny day
Petani beach – an excellent beach in Lixouri

Other beaches include the red-sanded Megas Lakkos – or ‘Xi’. Surrounded by restaurants and coffee places, it’s generally lively and fun, with water sport options to choose from, if that’s your thing. Restaurants include Sparos Bistrot and the friendly Fishbones, which has a great atmosphere and lovely staff.

General view of Megas Lakkos or 'Xi' beach, Lixouri, Kefalonia, Greece
Megas Lakkos or ‘Xi’ Beach, Lixouri, Greece

Another beach I visit regularly is Kounopetra. It’s always a safe bet even if the weather isn’t optimal because it’s in a relatively sheltered bay. The water is quite shallow and the beach quite small and it can look a little grey when the weather’s more cloudy but you’ll always be able to enjoy a swim. For food, there’s a lovely restaurant called Meltemi overlooking the magnificent bay where you can enjoy traditional Greek dishes after bathing.

And finally, if you’ve time, grab a cocktail at Costa Rossa Hotel, which has a stunning view over the calm, night seas. One of my favourite spots is sipping a Margarita at dusk while taking in the scenery.

And, if you want a cultural trip (and a bit of a drive) visit Mone Kepouraion – an outstandingly scenic monastery on a cliff overlooking the Ionian sea in the Palliki peninsula and home to important orthodox artefacts hosted in the chapel. Perfect at sunset.

• Lixouri is around 4 kilometres to the west of Argostoli
• The best time to visit Lixouri is July to early September
• Did you know: July is the month that has the most hours of sunshine on the island


General view of the Kefalonian capital, Argostoli's Coastline

Book your Stay in Argostoli

Argostoli is Kefalonia’s main city and certainly doesn’t disappoint on this front. Found on the oval-shaped bay known as Koutavos Lagoon, Argostoli is packed full of restaurants, shops and all of the usual tourist attractions.

Located just 15-minutes from the airport, Kefalonia’s capital town has very eye-catching architecture, beautiful, neoclassical buildings that were rebuilt following an earthquake in 1953.

The main promenade along the waterfront is well worth checking out. Make sure you treat yourself to one of the delicious ice creams sold all along the street. And further inland, Argostoli’s primary pedestrian street goes by the name of Lithostroto and features a delightful array of bars, shops, restaurants, and coffee houses.

As for the main town square, Plateia Valianou, it offers a fantastic assortment of dining options, such as Premier Restaurant which has the most delicious desserts I’ve ever tasted (top tip: try the orange cake). shopping opportunities, and pleasant spots to relax and observe the bustling ambiance around you. If you’re buying gifts for family and friends, you’ll want to visit shops such as Grace, Alegria and Ozzie found just a short walk from the harbour.

View of the Ionian sea crossing on the ferry from Argostoli to Lixouri in Kefalonia, Greece.
View of the Ionian Sea crossing on the ferry from Argostoli to Lixouri

Best Things to do in Argostoli

On Argostoli’s main square, one restaurant that stands out is Monte Restaurant Bar. If you’re seeking a unique dining experience, their menu offers a refreshing departure from the traditional Greek cuisine.

Around the harbour, you’ll find many opportunities to have a drink by the sea, such as in the marvellous Taverna Patsouras. This can be delightful at night – on numerous occasions here I’ve enjoyed a cocktail waiting for my ferry trip back to Lixouri.

Argostoli enjoys the advantage of proximity to several magnificent beaches, such as Makri Yialos and Plati Yialos which are among some of the best beaches on the island. All around this area you’ll find quite a few bars and tavernas for eating and drinking into the night after a day at the beach.

Argostoli is also great for nature lovers, so you might want to discover the wildlife you will find there, such as caretta caretta turtles, ducks, hens and swans along with migrating birds.

And, if you want to explore further afield, visit the Lighthouse of Saint Theodori. Originally constructed in 1828 under the direction of Charles Napier, a British administrator who governed the island at that time, the Lighthouse has a rich history.

• Argostoli is Kefalonia’s capital and can be found situated in Koutavos Lagoon in the west of the island
• The best time to visit Lixouri is July to early September
• Did you know: July is the driest month of the year


Book your Stay in Assos

A quaint and colourful port on the north-west cost of Kefalonia, Assos is a bit off the beaten track and the weather can be hit and miss due to its exposed position. Saying that, it is exquisitely attractive and a must for those of you looking for something a bit different.

Set on a narrow strip of land which joins the mainland hosting a Venetian fort, you will almost certainly need transport if you want to include Assos in your itinerary. You can use Discover Cars to rent a car where you will always get a good rate using your European, UK or international licence. The trip is around an hour more or less from Lixouri and if you’ve not driven in Greece before, be aware that the drive can be rather nerve-wracking when navigating your way along the winding roads.

Assos is less glamorous than its upmarket cousin, Fiskardo – but doesn’t fail to delight. If you enjoy sailing, this could be an option, although again, the seas may be rougher and the weather less accommodating than in other parts of Greece.

Best Things to do in Assos

If you’re keen on ancient history, Assos won’t disappoint. The port has a unique history with both Greek and Roman settlements. The amphitheatre is a key attraction and is beautifully positioned, overlooking the sea. It holds a particular allure, as it showcases notable adaptations made by the Romans, such as the addition of shield walls in front of the first row.

When it comes to swimming, the beach by the harbour is cool and refreshing, although rather pebbly. I can personally confirm that the walk to the water is…not fun! So if you want to eat instead, there are a few tavernas along the main beach – try Estiatorio Platanos for classic Greek food and 3 Wise Monkeys for a more eclectic menu.

If you get a bit restless and fancy a classic holiday experience of white sands and azure waters, Kefalonia’s most famous beach, Myrtos, is not too far away as long as you have reliable transport options.

As you may have gathered, Assos isn’t your typical family holiday resort. But, it’s absolutely stunning and a must-visit if you have time. It’s somewhere I never get bored of visiting!

Woman standing at Assos harbour with colourful village backdrop in Kefalonia, Greece.
Your author at Assos harbour at sunset!

• Assos is around 36 kilometres north of the capital Argostoli
• The best time to visit Assos is July and August
• Assos can get rather windy so prepare accordingly…


Book your Stay in Poros

Poros is a rather special place, with a cosmopolitan vibe and a loyal following who return year after year to enjoy its beauty. In my experience, it is one of the best areas to stay in Kefalonia.

Located in the south-east of the island, Poros really stands out as one of Kefalonia’s most elegant and captivating resorts, nestled at the base of the Atros and Pahni mountains, offering stunning views and natural scenery.

One of the first things that will hit you on arrival at Poros, is the presence of impressive private yachts in the bay. The bustling port also acts as a main transportation hub, connecting Kefalonia to mainland Greece and other main islands with its ferry service.

Luckily, Poros manages to maintain a balance, avoiding overcrowding and preserving its unique charms. Poros is similar to the village of Fiscardo in some ways, but the crowd appears to be more international.

Best Things to do in Poros

From the picturesque harbour and delightful beaches, to the inviting tavernas, restaurants, shops, boutiques, and markets, Poros isn’t short of activities to explore.

Why not take some scenic walks and immerse yourself in the countryside? Or, roam the breathtaking white pebble beaches? Aragia Beach, also known as Ragia Beach, is a popular choice, characterised by its pristine white sand, pebbles, and crystal-clear waters full of vibrant marine life. So if you’re a scuba diving and snorkeling fan, Poros is the place for you.

Along the seafront, the range of eateries exude a relaxed and understated atmosphere rather than a noisy and flashy ambiance. This makes a meal and a leisurely stroll along the seafront promenade at sunset the perfect Poros experience.

Poros is also an ideal destination for history enthusiasts, with many classical sites and landmarks, such as a large grave believed to be the mythical resting place of Odysseus, King of Ithaca.

The presence of gold and jewels in the grave, now housed in the Argostoli Archaeological Museum, supports the argument that the city mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey was located in Poros rather than neighbouring Ithaca.

Another interesting place to visit is Poros Gorge, also known as the Arakli Gap. This rugged ravine, with its depth exceeding 80 metres, has a legendary association with Hercules, who was believed to have carved the gorge himself and left his footprints imprinted on the mountain’s surface.

• Poros is around a 40 kilometres drive from Argostoli
• The best time to visit Poros is July to early September
• Did you know: The hottest day of the year in Kefalonia falls in mid-August


Skala beach, view from above, Kefalonia, Greece

Book your Stay in Skala

Located on the southeastern tip of Kefalonia, Skala has a reputation as a highly sought-after tourist resort and one of the best places to stay in Kefalonia. Skala is a bit of a drive from the airport, with the journey taking around 50 minutes by car or taxi.

What sets Skala apart is its ability to cater to every need of holidaymakers. The wide array of accommodation options ensures there is something to suit all budgets and preferences. If you seek a hassle-free getaway with abundant facilities, Skala presents an excellent choice.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more authentic Greek feel, Skala won’t be for you. As soon as you arrive, you’re quickly aware that it’s a tourist town. Lots of Brits and Europeans roam around with their children and young crowds on package holidays fill up the numerous restaurants and bars in the area, like Metaxas and Captain’s Bar. If this isn’t your vibe, you’ll want to holiday in a more typically Greek area like Lixouri.

One of the best hotels in Skala for families is Apostolata Island Resort & Spa. Tara Beach Hotel also has a nice, welcoming feel if you’re interested in convenience (it’s right by the beach). Or, if you don’t want to stay at the hotel, you can eat at the restaurant and take a dip in the pool.

Best Things to do in Skala

Apart from the bars, restaurants and nightlife, there are ample vehicle rental shops, travel agents, souvenir shops, and bars. And if that’s not enough, the magnificent Skala Beach awaits! It’s definitely a main draw for anyone visiting Skala and doesn’t disappoint.

The usual snorkelling, boat trips and island hopping are also popular activities in Skala. And, if you feel like a more cultural trip, you can visit the Roman Villa of Skala and uncover the secrets of third century Greece.

• Skala is located is around 37 kilometres from Argostoli, Kefalonia’s capital
• The best time to visit Skala is July to early September
• Did you know: In Kefalonia, the sky is clearest in July and it is the least humid month of the year


Spectacular view over the beaches of Platis Gialos and Makris Gialos near Lassi, Argostoli, Kefalonia.

Book your Stay in Lassi

Lassi stands out as one of the best resorts to stay in Kefalonia, conveniently located a short drive away from the airport and close to the capital, Argostoli.

It’s important to note that Lassi can become quite busy during the peak season. Positioned on the west coast of the island, Lassi’s main hub revolves around a mile-long road, commonly referred to as the “strip” and home to to a multitude of restaurants, while the surrounding side roads accommodate the majority of hotels.

Lassi is ideal if you’re looking for a hassle-free holiday close to the airport. A famous hotel to consider in Lassi is the White Rocks Hotel, home to its very own private beach, Makris Yialos.

Best Things to do in Lassi

Lassi’s main strip offers a comprehensive range of amenities. From an abundance of restaurants catering to diverse tastes, supermarkets, souvenir shops, and travel agents to car rental facilities and lively bars for evening entertainment, if you’re looking for an action-packed holiday, you’re in the right place.

One place you won’t want to miss is Sirtaki Secret Garden. Not only will you experience excellent food and value for money (for four we paid 60 euros and…top tip, try the meat pie), but also a traditional, Greek vibe, with live local music.

And, if you want to explore further afield, Lassi is close to Argostoli, so you can visit the beaches in that area and cross over to Lixouri for more options.

Culturally you may enjoy a visit to the Cave of St Gerasimos. St Gerasimos is the patron saint of Kefalonia and resided in this cave for a duration of five years upon his arrival on the island. You’ll also find the charming and historic Church of Odos Spiliou Agios Gerasimou, dedicated to St Gerasimo, close by.

• Lassi is located within walking distance of the capital, Argostoli
• The best time to visit Lassi is July to early September
• Did you know: The sea temperature is typically between 23°C to 26°C during summer on the island


Melissani lake on Kefalonia island Greek famous tourist place
The haunting beauty of Melissani Lake in Sami

Book your Stay in Sami

While the port of Sami is not as popular as other resorts, it’s still a great place to visit. Sami caters to holidaymakers with a range of accommodation options and amenities and is just a 30-minute drive from the airport. Its extensive waterfront has numerous cafes, restaurants, and tavernas on offer, providing the perfect setting for sunset dining experiences.

A short distance away lies the stunning Karavomilos Beach, featuring white sandy shores and crystal-clear waters, although finding it may require a bit of effort…

But once you get there you won’t want to leave – this secluded and pristine beach offers a tranquil escape and picturesque coastal views. You can also take a trip to Antisamos Beach which is one of the area’s most frequented beaches, known for its shiny white pebbles and rich marine life.

Best Things to do in Sami

Sami is a great place to base yourself if you’re interested in exploring the wider region of Kefalonia. You can take many a day tour from Sami, the most obvious tourist attractions being the famous Melissani Lake and the Drogarati Caves, known for their awe-inspiring mineral formations.

This was one of the first places I visited in Kefalonia with my family – it was such a magical experience gliding through stunning cave formations. So even if you’re staying quite far away you must try to get yourself to this natural wonder.

Me and my family exploring Melissani Lake!

And make sure you don’t miss out on the ancient ruins of the classical city of Sami and the nearby Monastery of Agrillion, offering both historical and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and coastline.

Whether you choose to stay in Sami or pay it a visit, this town guarantees an unforgettable adventure you won’t want to miss out on.

• Sami is located is around 33 kilometres from Argostoli
• The best time to visit Lassi is July to early September
• Did you know:  Kefalonia is in the path of the north-east Meltemi winds – but they are not as strong in summer

8.Agia Efimia

Sailing boats moored in Agia Effimia marina, Kephalonia island, Greece. Beautiful twilight scene
Agia Efimia marina at twilight

Book your Stay in Agia Efimia

Agia Efimia is an idyllic Kefalonia fishing village, perfect for those seeking the tranquility of a traditional setting. As the capital of Kefalonia’s Pilaros region in the east, it serves as an excellent base for exploring the rest of the island while offering a peaceful and serene holiday experience.

It’s a bit of a drive from the airport, but worth the scenic route. While Agia Efimia may not boast the amenities of a bustling resort, the village’s working harbour and array of shops, bars, and tavernas provide a pleasant atmosphere for a quiet meal or leisurely stroll. There’s a strong parochial feel wherever you go, as locals go about their daily activities against the backdrop of the sea and neighboring Ithaca Island.

Best Things to do in Agia Efimia

While you may have to drive a bit further away for greater nightlife and restaurant choice, Agia Efimia’s cobblestone back streets and picturesque appeal could well keep you in the area for the whole of your stay. The hills surrounding Agia Efimia, feature ancient ruins and remnants of the 1956 earthquake, adding to the town’s scenic allure.

The village is home to a handful of remote beaches, such as Lithovatis Beach, Sikidi Bay, and the narrow shore of Kapsolimionas Beach. If you’re into diving, Agia Efimia is a good option, with excellent diving opportunities and a school conveniently located at the main bay.

Top Tip: For a memorable experience, why not plan your visit to Agia Efimia on July 10th and join the evening service at the local church to celebrate the feast day of Saint Efimia? Enjoy a barbecue and lively dancing for a true Greek experience.

• Agia Efimia is located is around 39 kilometres from the airport
• The best time to visit Agia Efimia is July and August
• Did you know: Agia Efimia means “Saint Efimia”


Book your Stay at Trapezaki

Trapezaki is a small village nestled on a hillside near Kefalonia’s south coast and offers a peaceful retreat for those of you looking for a more tranquil stay. Located approximately 20 minutes away from the capital city of Argostoli and Kefalonia airport, it’s hassle-free to get to, even for the last drop-off.

If you’re looking for an action-packed holiday, it goes without saying that Trapezaki probably isn’t for you. If you choose to stay in Trapezaki, you are likely seeking an escape from the crowds of popular tourist destinations and a chance to immerse yourself in the picturesque surroundings. Ultimately, Trapezaki really suits experienced Kefalonia travellers, who are looking for something a bit different to escape the tourist crowds.

As a base for exploring the island, particularly the southern region, Trapezaki is incredibly well-positioned, allowing easy access to most southern villages within 45 minutes. But, reaching the northern villages and the Paliki Peninsula may require over an hour’s drive.

Best Things to do in Trapezaki

As you’d expect, the village doesn’t offer extensive facilities, with minimal shops, restaurants, no car hire outlets, or ATMs.

When it comes to nightlife, Trapezaki offers a modest scene, with a handful of restaurant bars and hotel bars where visitors can enjoy a few drinks while savoring the warm Greek evenings. But, it does provide a plethora of accommodation options, with a range of villas and mid-sized hotels to choose from, each with a few rooms and private swimming pools to cater to different preferences.

Trapezaki Beach is narrow and pebbly, so you may want to hire a car to explore beaches elsewhere if you have a young family. The main appeal of Trapezaki is its rural landscape, great for hiking enthusiasts. There’s also St. George’s Castle, as well as the villages of Karavados and Lourdas nearby.

• Trapezaki is located in the south of the island, close to Lourdas
• The best time to visit Trapezaki is July
and August
• Did you know: The sea temperatures in Kefalonia are at their warmest in August


Beautiful panoramic photo of the monastery of Sissia and Lourdas bay on Kefalonia island, Greece.

Book your Stay in Lourdas

Lourdas is another idyllic resort in Kefalonia that caters to holidaymakers seeking a true island escape. Combining a modern vibe with a historical feel, Lourdas is one of the best places to stay in Kefalonia. A couple of weeks spent in Lourdas will make you forget all the worries you left behind in the UK, leaving you with an irresistible desire to stay forever.

Lourdas offers self-catering villas scattered throughout the small village, for a lovely Greek getaway. With its pristine beach, breathtaking scenery, and relaxed vibe, Lourdas is an ideal escape from the bustling resorts, noisy partygoers, and crowds elsewhere on the island.

For those of you who want to explore further afield, a car will definitely be helpful for accessing the nearby towns of Argostoli and Lassi.

Best Things to do in Lourdas

Lourdas has a handful of small charming squares, along with the main square adorned with a spring and a majestic plane tree that casts shade over a delightful local café. Lush countryside surrounds the village, with elegant cypress, palm and olive trees, as well as bountiful vegetable gardens nestled between houses and tavernas. There’s also Lourdas Beach, which is calm and beautiful with white sands and azure waters.

Aside from visiting various museums and sights in Argostoli, a trip to the Monastery of Sissia is well worth it. Legend has it that the monastery, founded in the 13th century by St. Francis of Assisi, was once a wealthy institution renowned for its intellectual and talented monks, including the painters Gerasimos Kokkinos and Tsangorola.

• Lourdas is located close to Trapezaki
• The best time to visit Lourdas is July and August
• Did you know: The current incarnation of the monastery in Lourdas was rebuilt following the earthquake in 1953


Book your Stay in Svoronata

Svoronata is a laid-back Greek village, where tourists stay to escape the hectic tourist crowd you normally find in Greece.

Located in the south-west Livathos region of Kefalonia, Svoronata is also close to the airport, so if you fancy a quick stay in Kefalonia but without the stress of driving too far, it could be the perfect place for you.

From lush olive groves and orange orchards to expansive fields bursting with flowers during the summer, Svoronata is exceptionally beautiful and one of the best areas to stay in Kefalonia. Like most resorts on the island, it boasts stunning sandy beaches nearby, although the village itself is about a mile inland.

Best Things to do in Svoronata

Walking to the nearby beaches of Ammes, Avithos, or Ai Helis takes approximately half an hour (depending on the heat), but it’s more convenient to drive.

All things considered, it’s probably best to rent a car for your stay in Svoronata. While the village offers stunning accommodations ranging from small hotels to villas with private pools scattered throughout, there are limited shopping, sightseeing, nightlife, or other activities within the village.

A car allows for easy access to nearby Argostoli or Lassi, where you’ll find a ton of options as outlined earlier in this article. Having a car in Svoronata also enables you to explore the entire island of Kefalonia, as the village is centrally located and provides easy access to other resorts.

There are a few notable attractions nearby, such as the grand Svoronata Church adorned with incredible frescoes, and a windmill tucked away on a nondescript village lane where the rakish Lord Byron once spent time composing his odes.

• The airport is located in the region of Svoronata – so good for a flying visit
• The best time to visit Svoronata is July and August
• Did you know: The sun shines for up to 14 hours a day on the island in the summer


Sandrocks formation at cape Mounda of Kefalonia island in Greece

Book your Stay in Katelios

Katelios is a small fishing village situated in the south-eastern part of Kefalonia, on a flat plain between several villages. Surrounded by impressive farmland and rolling hills, Katelios has truly transformed into a not-to-be-missed place to visit in Kefalonia.

Katelios is made up of the old villages of Anos Katelios and Kato Katelios, the latter being a more modern resort. This offers a unique balance of the old along with the new, which explains why this Kefalonia resort has captured the heart of its visitors.

There’s no doubt that part of this area’s strong appeal is its stunning beaches with magnificent views of the sea towards Zante, the neighbouring island along with the Greek mainland.

Best Things to do in Katelios

The village centre boasts a handful of charming tavernas, along with shops and bars to ensure you’re well supplied throughout your stay. The overall atmosphere is more relaxed and less commercial compared to other resorts.

The village restaurants serve delicious, uncomplicated dishes, mostly consisting of mezedes (small bites of food) and various meats. The waterfront bars and restaurants provide the perfect setting for an evening meal.

If you’re interested in culture and history, you can immerse yourself in the local surroundings. Explore the remains of the old church bell tower and numerous ruins that date back to the earthquake, as well as Katelios’ role as a trading port during the Venetian period. There are also traces of a Roman settlement near Aghia Beach, the main beach in Katelios.

For nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers, Katelios has much to offer. It is one of the best areas on the entire island for nature walks, with several trails on the outskirts of the village.

Hidden in the hills, you’ll find various birdwatching spots that attract enthusiasts, and it’s also a prime location for observing Loggerhead Turtles. But, if nature and history aren’t your primary interests and all you seek is sun, sea, and the occasional evening at a local taverna, Katelios has that too.

As with many resorts on the island, hiring a car is recommended to fully explore the surrounding villages and towns and make the most of your stay in Katelios.

• Katelios is located in the south-east close to Skala
• The best time to visit Katelios is July and August
• Did you know: There’s a local NGO called the Katelios Group in the area that’s dedicated to protecting the turtles and offering educational tours of their habitats

To summarise, Kefalonia is a stunning island that offers many of the best places to stay in Greece. With a range of places to stay in Kefalonia to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice. Whether you want an action-packed adventure, a historical holiday or a quiet, relaxing stay in a village – you can find what you’re looking for in Kefalonia.

Enjoy your stay in Kefalonia, I know you’ll love it!


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