About A Greek Affair


I’m Hannah, a London-based writer and media consultant. Twelve years ago I embarked on my love affair with Greece, when I started to spend more time than ever in this wonderful country.

Over the years, SO many people have asked me for tips and advice on travelling to Greece and now they (and you) can discover all they need to know right here…

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My passion is to help travellers like you experience the best of Greece with a wealth of information at your fingertips to guide you on your trip.

On this site, you can get the insider perspective from someone who knows exactly how to enjoy Greece like a local.

With a ton of friends, family and contacts in Greece, I have learned first-hand as well as through recommendations, where to find the best accommodation, historical sites, restaurants, best beaches, vibes – you name it.

From the striking beauty of the Ionian islands, to the Cyclades party islands, to the best islands to visit close to Athens – you’ll find what you need right here. And if you’re a newbie to roaming the wild beaches and touring the ruins of Greece, why not take the first step towards planning your holiday? Once you’ve booked your first trip you won’t look back!

After all, what I love about Greece is there’s always something new to discover. There are thousands of islands and fascinating slices of the ancient world on every corner.

So, enjoy your very Greek affair – you may find yourself falling just as hard as I have…

“Those who wish to know about the world must learn about it in its particular details”