18 Best Beaches In Kefalonia You Need To Know About

View of empty Fteri Beach Lagoon, Kefalonia Island, Greece. Fteri is included in the 18 best beaches in Kefalonia list.

Keen to Discover the Best Beaches in Kefalonia?

If you’re curious to discover the best beaches in Kefalonia, look no further! I have spent a lot of time roaming the shores in Kefalonia and am excited to share my insights and discoveries in this article.

The top beaches in Kefalonia can be found across all areas of the island. Because Kefalonia is such a big island you’re truly spoilt for choice.

From the stunning sandy beaches of the Paliki region, to the lake-like beauty of the shores of Fiscardo – to the popular tourist draws of major resorts like Skala, you’ll find it all here.

And, if you’re looking for hidden gems that may take a bit of a trip to discover, you won’t be disappointed. There’s something for even the most discerning explorer.

All set to learn about the 18 best beaches in Kefalonia? Let’s go! And if you want a map to plan your journey to your favourite beaches check it out here.

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Kefalonia Beaches

1.Petani Beach

General view of Petani Beach crowds and umbrellas in the Paliki peninsula on the island of Kefalonia, Greece.
Petani Beach is one of Kefalonia’s most famous beaches – but be sure to get there early to secure your spot!

Location:📍Petani Beach can be found in the Paliki Peninsula, about a 40-minute drive from Lixouri – that’s around 35 kilometres north-west of Kefalonia’s capital, Argostoli.

Petani really is a site to behold. With golden sands and azure seas, unsurprisingly this long, wide beach is very popular, especially with swimmers as the water gets deep quite fast. Set at the base of a winding steep road, you’d do well to get to the beach early to avoid the crowds.

The sea gets deep relatively quickly and on a windy day, the waves can get high, so best to visit on a calm day and in peak summer.

🏖️Why Petani is One of the Best Beaches in Kefalonia

With its crystal waters and white sands, Petani has been voted in the top ten Greek beaches by Greek City Times and, along with Myrtos Beach, is consistently cited as the best beach in Kefalonia.

Petani is ideal for families, with popular hotels such as Petani Beach Bay nearby. It’s accessible by foot or you’ll want to take your rental car. You can park on the road and there are also two small car parks you can choose from, but remember to take cash!

When you’re on the beach, you can grab a cold drink and snack from one of the two tavernas, which offers classic Greek traditional food. With its range of facilities such as umbrellas, showers and bathrooms, you can spend your day in comfort at one of Kefalonia’s best beaches.

And, you may want to hang around until later in the day to watch Petani Beach’s stunning sunset!

2.Myrtos Beach

View of Myrtos Beach, one of the best beaches in Kefalonia, Greece.
Myrtos Beach is one of the most photographed beaches in the world

Location: 📍Myrtos is probably the most well-known beach in Kefalonia and can be found around 29 kilometres north of Argostoli on the west coast of the island.

Embraced by towering marble cliffs and overlooking the crystal-clear waters of the Myrtos Gulf, Myrtos beach is truly breathtaking.

To reach this picturesque spot, you’ll need to descend a steep and winding road. If you don’t like heights, be prepared for a bit of a hair-raising drive! Arriving early is advisable to secure your parking spot and a prime beach location.

The closest village to the beach is Divarata, or you can stay in the nearby port of Assos, which is one of the best places to stay in Kefalonia.

🏖️Why Myrtos is One of the Best Beaches in Kefalonia

Myrtos has gained a worldwide reputation as one of the most impressive beaches in Greece and even Europe. Its water is a perfect blue and its beautiful natural beauty and scenic views have made it one of the most photographed places in the world.

Surrounded by white rocky cliffs and green hills, Myrtos has an unspoilt vibe. You will truly feel you are experiencing the best the Mediterranean can offer.

Easily accessed by all modes of transport, it’s easy to enjoy a full day on the beach, with its many umbrellas and sundecks, bathroom facilities and beach bar. A top tip is to remember your beach shoes (if you have them) as the beach is rather pebbly.

And, if you stay for sunset, take a walk down the cliff and take in the stunning scenic views.

General view of Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia, Greece from the cliffside.
A view of Myrtos Beach from the cliff later in the day

3.Xi Beach

General view of Mekas Lakkos beach - or 'Xi' Beach, Lixouri, Kefalonia, Greece.
Xi Beach is a family-friendly action beach that is one of the best beaches in Kefalonia

Location: 📍Xi Beach can be found around seven kilometres south-west of Lixouri, so if you’re staying in this authentic Greek town, you’ll definitely want to visit Xi.

A Blue-Flag beach, Xi’s unusually coloured sand and light blue, shallow, lake-like waters, certainly make it easy on the eye.

🏖️Why Xi Beach is One of the Best Beaches in Kefalonia

One of the most popular beaches on Kefalonia, Xi has a long coastline and is well-organised with umbrellas and sunbeds usually available.

Xi really upped its game in 2023. Alaya Beach Bar underwent renovation and gives the beach a party vibe, with its soft cushion beds, chilled beats and choice of drinks and snacks.

You can relax at Alaya for hours, sipping whatever drink takes your fancy, snacking on fruits and ice cream in-between dips.

Inside view of Alaya Beach Bar at sunset, on Xi Beach, Kefalonia.
Alaya Beach Bar is a wonderful place to hang out at Xi
Outside view of Alaya Beach Bar at sunset, on Xi Beach, Kefalonia, Greece.
Alaya is a brilliant place to view Kefalonia’s stunning sunset

As well as appealing to younger clientele, Xi is also a popular family beach. It’s ideal for water sport lovers, from windsurfing to taking out a kayak or even a speedboat trip, Xi is definitely an action-packed beach!

If you want to explore alternative food options close by, try Antonello’s Taverna or Fishbones for outstanding food and service. Another bonus of Xi is that if you’re keen on a therapeutic treatment, you can smother yourself in some of the grey clay found on the beach without having to visit a beauty salon!

4.Atheras Beach

General view of Porto Atheras Beach, Kefalonia, Greece.
Atheras is a natural beach that is ideal for families with children

Location: 📍Porto Atheras Beach is a remote, unspoilt, stunning beach around 14 kilometres north of Lixouri, on the Paliki Peninsula. You can access this peaceful beach by car or walk down the cliff from the village, which takes around half an hour depending on where you start.

Set in a pretty bay, Atheras is surrounded by cliffs and natural forest. This picturesque beach has the feel of a large lake, with its crystal, shallow waters and is perfect for families with children.

🏖️Why Atheras is One of the Best Beaches in Kefalonia

Atheras is one of Kefalonia’s best-kept secrets. It’s not got the cachet of Myrtos or the vibes of Xi and doesn’t always appear on other lists of Kefalonia’s top beaches.

However, in my view, Atheras cannot be ignored and is definitely one of the best beaches in Kefalonia.

Why? Well, Atheras has the most beautiful, still, clear waters and it’s very easy to swim out relatively far and take in the wild coastline, or stay splashing around in the shallows.

Atheras doesn’t just suit keen swimmers, but also families with very young children who can enjoy playing around in the water safely, experimenting with snorkelling and other water games. You can even take a family boat trip up to the small islet of Atheronisi, which forms passageways in and out of the bay.

The beach isn’t organised and is quite small, so you will need to take your own umbrella. It’s relatively easy to park on the beach, because it’s not as packed as some of the better-known beach options. There’s also a fish taverna on the beach called Taverna Drosos if you fancy fresh, simple fish dishes.

View of Taverna Drosos, a fish eatery on Porto Atheras Beach, Kefalonia.
Try Taverna Drosos on Atheras Beach for delicious fish dishes!

5.Antisamos Beach

Beach beds and umbrellas on Antisamos Beach, Kefalonia
A collection of beach beds and umbrellas on the lovely Antisamos Beach

Location: 📍Antisamos is a long, golden beach that can be found around 30.5 kilometres north-east of Argostoli and a ten-minute drive from the port of Sami.

Scenes from the successful Hollywood blockbuster Captain Corelli’s Mandolin were filmed at this popular tourist beach, putting it firmly on the tourist map.

🏖️Why Antisamos is One of the Best Beaches in Kefalonia

With its turquoise waters and lush vegetation, Antisamos is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Kefalonia that captivates its many visitors on arrival.

Rich in marine life, Antisamos is excellent for swimmers and snorkellers, with water sports available for families looking for an action-packed day on the beach.

The beach is very well-organised with two beach bars for guests, umbrellas and sunbeds and is easily accessible from a coastal road. It’s also a great spot for nature lovers and sightseeing, with the Monastery of Agrillion standing on top of the hill.

6.Platis Gialos

Spectacular view over the beaches of Platis Gialos and Makris Gialos near Lassi, Argostoli, Kefalonia.
Stunning view over the golden beaches of Platis Gialos and Makris Gialos, near Argostoli

Location:📍 Platis Gilaos is one of the most popular beaches on Kefalonia and can be found around three kilometres south of the capital, Argostoli.

Renowned for its natural beauty, with white sandy shores and shimmering blue waters, Platis Gialos is conveniently situated near the Lassi resort. You can’t mention Platis Gialos – wide seacoast – without acknowledging its neighbouring beach, Makris Gialos – long seacoast – which is just as beautiful and famous.

🏖️Why Platis Gialos is One of the Best Beaches in Kefalonia

Surrounded by lush, green hills, Platis Gialos is an ideal destination for tourists and locals alike and one of the best beaches in Kefalonia.

The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag award for its cleanness. With its shallow crystal waters and sandy seabed, it’s a perfect option for families with young children.

At Platis Gialos, the facilities are decent, with plenty of sun loungers available along with a snack bar. Showers and changing rooms are also available. And there are many sports options if you want to burn off some energy!

There are several hotels near Platis Gialos, including Residence Ionian st & apts and Kefalonia Grand.

7.Makris Gialos

View of coloured umbrellas on Makris Gialos Beach, Kefalonia, Greece.
Makris Gialos is next door to Platis Gialos and is a slice of paradise close to Argostoli

Location: 📍The long beach Makris Gialos is right next door to Platis Gialos and can be found around the bay close to Argostoli and the bustling resort of Lassi.

Like its neighbour, Platis Gialos, Makris Gialos is one of the top beaches on the island and boasts an awe-inspiring landscape with green pine trees and lush vegetation.

With its golden sands and clear waters, if you’re staying within driving distance, this is a slice of paradise you won’t want to miss out on!

🏖️Why Makris Gialos is One of the Best Beaches in Kefalonia

Makris Gialos is one of the best beaches on the island because there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re in a couple, or a family, or on your own looking for a relaxing peaceful holiday, you can find what you’re looking for on this splendid coastal beach.

There are lots of things to do on Makris Gialos. From water sports, to a plethora of eating and drinking options, take your pick!

Why not give parasailing or waterskiing a go? Then, grab a bite from one of the many restaurants and bars along the back of the beach.

If you’re in a couple, choose a signature cocktail from Eden Bar while listening to relaxing summer beats and watching the sun go down. A scenic picture you’ll never forget!

8.Fteri Beach

View of Fteri Beach Lagoon, Kefalonia, Greece, one of the 18 best beaches in Kefalonia.
Fteri Beach is a boat ride away, but a must-visit for your Kefalonia stay

Location: 📍Fteri Beach can be found on the eastern coast of the Paliki Peninsula in north-west Kefalonia and is truly something else. Fteri would normally be top of my list of best beaches in Kefalonia – but it is a boat ride away so requires some planning ahead and isn’t as easy to access as other beaches.

That said, Fteri is absolutely magical. We’re talking white sands, clear waters – true heaven on earth. It’s definitely worth the voyage via water taxi, boat rental or cruise departing from the small island of Agia Kyriaki.

And, if you want to travel overland, you always have the option to take a taxi (but boat rides are much more fun!)

Be aware that Fteri Beach is pretty isolated, so pack food and other supplies for your trip ahead of time.

🏖️Why Fteri Beach is One of the Best Beaches in Kefalonia

There are some places that stick in your mind forever and Fteri Beach is one of them.

The photo above speaks for itself – unique scenery, turquoise sea and beautiful, dramatic cliffs, you’ll be rubbing your eyes wondering if you’re dreaming or awake. If you love secluded beaches, this is certainly the option for you.

And, if you want to explore the area further, you can take a hiking trip in the coastal area. Why not take a kayak out to explore the wonders of this gorgeous bay?

9.Emplisi Beach

Top view of Emplisi Beach, near Fiscardo, Kefalonia, Greece.
Emplisi Beach is close to the upmarket fishing port of Fiscardo

Location: 📍Emplisi Beach can be found close to the charming village of Fiscardo, which is around 50 kilometres north of Argostoli.

Emplisi isn’t far from the stunning five-star Emelisse Nature Resort which is one of the nicest parts of Kefalonia (in my humble opinion) and isn’t hard to get to. If you are staying nearby, you can walk. If you are further afield, driving is the best way to access the beach.

Emplisi is a very natural, picturesque beach, with flat pebbles and azure waters. There are some trees around the beach which means it’s not as exposed as other beaches, so it’s a good option for shade-lovers.

Unlike many other Kefalonia beaches there are no sunbeds and there is only one small beach bar where you can get drinks and food.

🏖️Why Emplisi Beach is One of the Best Beaches in Kefalonia

Emplisi is an ideal beach for swimmers and its natural spot makes it the perfect choice for tourists looking for a more relaxing beach experience.

The waters around the beach get deep pretty fast, so is a great option for snorkellers looking to explore the rich marine life of the island.

Saying that, Emplisi suits most travellers. Whether you’re in a couple on a honeymoon, a single traveller or in a family, you’ll have a sublime day out on Emplisi beach.

And it’s proximity to the lovely port of Fiscardo, means that you can have a delicious lunch or sunset meal in one of the tavernas along the promenade.

10.Skala Beach

Empty Skala Beach of Kefalonia, Greece at Sunset
Skala Beach is usually full of tourists, but if you search hard you can find a secluded spot!

Location: 📍Skala Beach is around 36 kilometres south-east of Argostoli and is quite a long drive if you’re staying on the west coast in some of the more popular resorts.

Skala is a very sought-after area, it’s usually very busy and its vast beach certainly doesn’t disappoint. The beach comes with all the benefits of being located in a bustling resort, so you’ll need to get there early to bag the best spot.

🏖️Why Skala Beach is One of the Best Beaches in Kefalonia

Surrounded by dense hills and cliffs, Skala is a Blue-Flag beach, perfect for families and big groups. The area is high-energy and fun and the beach echoes this vibe.

If you’re keen on water activities, you’ll want to give Skala a visit. Try snorkelling or renting a boat for a trip out on the sparkling blue sea.

Another advantage of Skala Beach is its accessibility. The main street running above the beach has many of restaurants, cafes, mini-markets so you can easily get the drinks and snacks you require for your stay.

11.Lourdas Beach

View over Lourdas Bay, Kefalonia, Greece.
Lourdas Beach is a peaceful place to swim and explore

Location: 📍 Lourdas Beach is around16.7 kilometres south-east of Argostoli and is a tranquil beach resort located on the south side of Kefalonia.

The beach is easily accessible by walking, car or public transport and is surrounded by lush green landscape just down from the resort of Lourdas, which is settled on a steep hill and large bay.

🏖️Why Lourdas Beach is One of the Best Beaches in Kefalonia

Lourdas Beach is very well-organised beach where families, couples and individuals alike can enjoy a refreshing swim and day out on the beach.

Lourdas has the perfect combination of drawing factors. On one hand it’s conveniently located, close to a main road filled with the usual tavernas, cafes and local shops. Yet, on the other, it’s not overly busy, so you can experience a relaxing day in the sun.

With its crystalline waters and mountain backdrop of Mount Ainos, Lourdas Beach is definitely one of Kefalonia’s best beaches.

12.Koupenatra Beach

General view of Kounopetra Beach, coastline and umbrellas in Kefalonia, Greece.
Kounopetra Beach is a geological phenomenon, as it is based on a moving rock

Location:📍 Kounopetra Beach is an isolated beach that can be found just 10 km south-west of Lixouri. To access Kounopetra you’ll need a car to drive down the road coming from Lixouri.

Kounopetra is unique because it is is actually found on a huge rock, so is in perpetual movement due to the base of the rock and the air and sea around it.

🏖️Why Koupenatra Beach is One of the Best Beaches in Kefalonia

Kounopetra is on the list of best beaches in Kefalonia because it’s calm, with shallow waters – so you can usually get a swim no matter when you go, unlike some of the more popular beaches that are more exposed.

Its inviting crystal waters will keep you in the sea all day and its remote location means you should always be able to get a sunbed! There’s also a lovely view of the nearby port from one of the main restaurants Meltemi, which overlooks the bay and serves delicious Greek food.

13.Foki Beach

Fiskardo Foki Beach with Crystal Clear Waters Bay, Kefalonia Island, Greece.
Foki Beach is named after the many seals that make their homes here

Location: 📍Foki Beach can be found just a couple of kilometres from village of Fiscardo and 48 kilometres north of Argostoli.

Foki is easily accessible by car or foot and is about a 20-minute walk from Fiscardo. A picturesque place to swim and sunbathe, this beach is the home of many seals (Foki means “seal” in Greek!)

You’ll probably see some private yachts anchored on Foki Beach because it’s a calm and secluded spot.

🏖️Why Foki Beach is One of the Best Beaches in Kefalonia

Foki is surrounded by so much greenery in the form of beautiful olive trees it really stands out in comparison to other beaches.

As you can see from the picture above, the water is crystal clear and shallow. The beach is generally safe for families and children with its safe and sheltered water.

You can grab a snack from a small taverna that’s just across the road and if you feel like exploring, you can check out the cave on the right side of the bay. You could even take a small boat into the cave if the weather’s mild!

14.Poros Beach

Long view of Poros Beach, Kefalonia Island, Greece.
Poros Beach can be found close to the cosmopolitan port of the same name

Location:📍Poros Beach is 40 kilometres east of Argostoli and is found on the eastern side of the island.
It is close to the port of Poros, which stands out as one of the island’s most stunning resorts and can be found at the base of the Atros and Pahni mountains.

🏖️Why Poros Beach is One of the Best Beaches in Kefalonia

With its white-coloured pebbles and crystal waters, Poros Beach is a true gem. On one hand, it has plenty of sunbed and parasol sets for its many visitors, but also has an unspoiled area for those looking for a more natural beach experience. So no matter who you are, you’re likely to have an enjoyable experience!

Because of its brilliant location, you can easily pop for a quick bite or drink at the bar-restaurant close to the beach. Poros Beach is also situated right by Ragia Beach, which lays in front of the village and stretches to the north of the coast.

15.Trapezaki Beach

Birds-eye view of Trapezaki area and sea in Kefalonia, Greece.
Trapezaki Beach is a remote beach where you can enjoy a dip in peace

Location: 📍Trapezaki Beach is 13 kilometres south-east of Argostoli and can be found on the southern coast of Kefalonia.

Accessing Trapezaki will be easy if you are staying in the resort. However, if you are coming from further afield, you will need a car.

🏖️Why Trapezaki Beach is One of the Best Beaches in Kefalonia

A small beach made up of sand and pebbles, Trapezaki (which means “small table” in Greek) offers the chance to escape the bustling crowds and bask in the Greek sunshine in a more remote environment.

Glide through the clear waters and lie in the sun on a lounger or under a parasol and then go for a drink at the beach bar on the shore. You’re also close to amenities, restaurants and tavernas in the local area which offer plenty of choice.

16.Platia Ammos Beach

Aerial view of Platia Ammos Beach, Kefalonia Island, Greece
Platia Ammos Beach is a faraway beach that will take your breath away

Location: 📍Platia Ammos is only accessible by boat or by climbing down a couple of hundred steps! An isolated beach of breathtaking beauty, Platia Ammos can be found close to Monastery of Kipoureon, in Paliki, about 12 kilometres west of Lixouri.

🏖️Why Platia Ammos Beach is One of the Best Beaches in Kefalonia

Like Fteri, Platia Ammos Beach can be a bit tricky to get to. But it’s well worth the journey. A gorgeous blissful experience, this beach amazes every visitor.

The deep waters and wild cliffs gives this beach an other-worldly vibe on the level of Myrtos and Petani. But, Platia Ammos is more remote and untouched, making it one of Kefalonia’s top beaches.

Top Tip: Remember to pack a picnic if you plan to make a day of it. The secluded nature of Platia Ammos means you won’t be able to access drinks and snacks during your trip.

17.Agia Eleni Beach

View of Agia Eleni Beach, white sands and turquoise waters, Kefalonia Island, Greece.
The rocky, wild beach of Agia Eleni

Location: 📍Found in the Paliki region, Agia Eleni beach is close to Petani Beach and about a 40-minute drive from Lixouri. To access Agia Eleni, visitors should go to Damoulianata town and then drive down the mountain to Agia Eleni. It can take a while to get there, but the route is very scenic so remember to take some photos.

🏖️Why Agia Eleni Beach is One of the Best Beaches in Kefalonia

With its emerald waters and towering white cliffs, Agia Eleni is a hidden delight that you should definitely factor into your trip to Kefalonia.

Although it’s quite small, Agia Eleni beach has a magical feel with a gorgeous movie-like backdrop and makes a nice change from more crowded, touristy beaches like Myrtos and Petani. Truly a gem you need to see to believe.

18.Dafnoudi Beach

Aerial top down view of the remote Dafnoudi Beach, Kefalonia Island, Greece.
Aerial view of the remote Dafnoudi Beach in Kefalonia

Location: 📍You’ll find Dafnoudi Beach around five kilometres west of Fiscardo at the northernmost tip of the island.

As you can see from the aerial view image above, the contrast and colours of this beach makes it one of the most beautiful beaches on Kefalonia and a must-visit if you are staying in the village of Fiscardo or planning a trip to the area.

It’s not that easy to access Dafnoudi on foot, so you will want to rent a car, parking it at the Antipata intersection. Remember to bring your beach gear along with umbrellas, water and snacks to keep you sheltered and fuelled during your visit.

🏖️Why Dafnoudi Beach is One of the Best Beaches in Kefalonia

With its many cypress trees, green and blue-coloured waters and large white pebbles, Dafnoudi will make your jaw drop with its beauty.

Despite being well-known, Dafnoudi isn’t crowded, so if you are staying in the area and want a beach trip without too many people around, Dafnoudi is for you.

Relaxing for couples and fun for families, Dafnoudi has something for everyone. There’s even a small cave along the water’s edge, where you can hang out if the sun gets too hot. If you’re lucky, you may spot a seal giving birth to some of its babies!

Best Beaches Kefalonia Map 📍

Best Beaches in Kefalonia – Final Thoughts

A large island like Kefalonia has plenty of beaches so you certainly have a lot of options available when travelling around this wonderful Greek isle.

Whether you’re looking to avoid the crowds or party with the crowds, to have a family experience, or you’re in a couple, you can always find a beach to suit your needs in Kefalonia. And, I’m very aware that this list of Kefalonia beaches doesn’t include every decent beach on the island – but unfortunately there isn’t room to give list them all or I’d be here forever!

But as I don’t like to leave information out, here are some more popular and well-known Kefalonia best beaches for you to explore if you have the time:

  • Katelios Beach – a big sandy beach close to Skala
  • Kaminia Beach – another long sandy beach close to Skala
  • Horgata Beach – north of Sami and where Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was filmed. Agia Sofia is also nearby
  • Agios Nikolaos – close to Lixouri

Good luck discovering your personal favourite beach in Kefalonia and I hope this blog has been helpful. Much of your choice will depend on what’s available and accessible to you during your vacation and where you’re staying on the island. But, if, like me, you fall in love with Kefalonia; you’ll come back year after year to cross them all off your list!


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