11 Best Food Tours In Athens, Greece, You Need to Experience

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Ready to Learn About the Best Food Tours in Athens?

Luckily you’re in the right place to choose from my list of the 11 best food tours in Athens. From souvlaki to moussaka, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to mouth-watering culinary options from the foodie paradise that is Greece.

As someone who’s spent a lot of time exploring food options in Athens, I can help you discover what’s ideal for you in this list of the highest-rated and tastiest food tours. All you need to do is book and enjoy!

Homemade loki with nuts and honey on a black dish.

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From tasty, traditional Greek treats, to sampling the delights of the perfect Greek wine to wash down your cheese by night – indulge in the fine flavours of Athens for an experience you’ll never forget!

So, all set to discover the 11 best food tours in Athens? Right, let’s get going looking at the list of top food tours so you can make the perfect choice for you.

Table of Contents: Best Food Tours in Athens

11 Best Food Tours in Athens

1.Gourmet Greek Food Walking Tour in Athens

Close up of loukoumades on a plate with honey and cinnamon, on one of the best food tours in Athens.
Book this Top Gourmet Walking Food Tour in Athens to enjoy delectable delights such as loukoumades.

✔️Rating: 5 stars⭐️ and over 1,000 reviews!

✔️Length: 4 hours ⌚

✔️ Check Rates and Availability

Are you searching for a truly epicurean experience in the Greek capital? Then this four-hour Athens gourmet food walking tour is ideal for you.

During this tour, you’ll take to the streets of Athens to explore the delicious delights available in the city’s many eateries, with valuable insights from your private food-expert guide as you learn the secrets of authentic Greek cuisine and culinary history.

Amazing tour, you not only get a TON of delicious food but great insights into Greek culture. Our tour leader was knowledgeable and fun. Overall would highly recommend this tour!



  • Visit The Varvakios Agora, Athens’ central market, a bustling food hub that gives you a chance to explore the traditional side of the city’s culinary heritage.
  • Savour the treats from speciality food stores, such as loukomades, (sweet doughnuts), koulouri (sesame bread) and regional cheeses.
  • Sample local produce like wines 🍷and of course, organic olive oil!

Check out a sample menu from this tour which offers you a truly unique experience, with detailed, personalised attention from your guide.

2.Small-Group Greek Traditional Food Tour around Athens with Tastings

Close up of chicken souvlaki on pita bread with tzatziki, as well as Greek salad and olive oil in the background.
Book this Small-Group Traditional Food Tour and try out a delicious souvlaki along with many other treats!

✔️Rating: 5 stars⭐️

✔️Length: 3 hours 30 minutes ⌚

✔️ Check Rates and Availability

Experience Athens like never before with this enticing small-group traditional Athens food tour that truly unveils the secrets of authentic Greek cuisine.

You’ll embark on a journey on foot, exploring diverse neighbourhoods, delving into contemporary life and culture, visiting bustling markets, delis and family-run tavernas, while steering clear of the typical tourist traps.

This was the best food tour ever! Delicious, informative, fun, exciting, overall amazing! Look no further!


This experience is perfect for families, as there’s a special discount for kids, ensuring that everyone can partake in this family-friendly activity!


  • Eat a meal at Varvakios Market, visit the meat, fish, spice and fruit markets and meet the traders!
  • Taste 11 delectable dishes including souvlaki, dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) and spanakopita pie (feta-spinach pie) that showcase the city’s culinary richness, while also gaining insight into its vibrant food culture.
  • Explore the vibrant area of Psiri and try out one of the best gyros in the city!
  • Your tour will finish with a typical meze lunch and wine at a traditional taverna.

3.Athens Small-Group Food Tour

Close up of delicious plate of Greek pastry bougatsa on wooden background.
Book this Athens Small-Group Food Tour to have the opportunity to taste the delicious Greek pastry bougatsa.

✔️Rating: 5 stars⭐️

✔️Length: Choose from a a 3-hour or 2-hour tour ⌚

✔️ Check Rates and Availability

Indulge in Greece’s most delectable flavours during this captivating Athens small-group food tour.

This features high up on the list of best food tours in Athens because you get to choose from two tour timings: a 9:30 am departure for a comprehensive 3-hour tour, or an 11:00 am departure for a condensed 2-hour tour.

To ensure an intimate and personalized experience, the group size is kept small, with a maximum of 14 participants.

We are so glad we booked this food tour. Our guide was amazing. You get to try so many different foods and drinks.



  • Wander through the city’s historical lanes while savouring iconic treats like bougatsa (custard pie with phyllo) a choice between sweet or savoury pastry, and of course the ubiquitous loukoumades.
  • Venture to the famous Varvakios market with an expert guide to explore an assortment of regional spices and herbs!
  • Visit specialty food stores and try out local produce such as wine and olive oil.

One of the best food tours in Athens, if you choose this small-group food tour to immerse yourself in Athens’ gastronomic treats you certainly won’t be disappointed.

4.Athens for Foodies: More than a Greek Food Tour

General view of Greek foods such as olives and feta cheese in barrels at a market.
Book the Athens for Foodies: More than a Greek Food Tour and try specialities such as Kalamata olives.

✔️Rating: 5 stars⭐️ hundreds of happy reviews

✔️Length: 4 hours ⌚

✔️ Check Rates and Availability

If you are a serious foodie you’ll want to make sure you book this Athens food tour for foodies that truly goes above and beyond.

Embark on an immersive journey through Athens, delving into the heart of authentic Greek cuisine on a captivating food and walking tour led by an insightful guide.

Immerse yourself in the city’s daily rhythm as you explore a diverse range of eateries, uncovering culinary treasures that resonate with local favourites.

This was a wonderful tour jam packed with food samples and a deep dive into the food culture of Athens. It was fun going to places I wouldn’t have done on my own.


Featuring 15 delicious tastings, like dolmades, feta cheese, and the famous Kalamata olives, you’ll get to escape the crowds and taste the best of what Athens has to offer, while learning stories about Greece’s food traditions from an expert guide.


  • Start your experience by visiting a traditional Greek bakery that was founded in the 1920s!
  • Try a tasting of traditional koulouri and check out a local family-run pie shop.
  • Explore local delis and spice shops in the popular Agia Irini Square.
  • Sample local cheese-tasting and local meze from a range of places in Greece.
  • Visit one of the oldest sweet shops in Athens, to try traditional loukoumades.

5.Small-Group Food Tour and Wine Tasting in Athens by Night

Close up of three red wine glasses with wine being poured into one of the glasses.
Experience the Athens Small-Group Food and Wine Tasting Tour by Night and sample a selection of Greek wines.

✔️Rating: 5 stars⭐️

✔️Length: 4 hours⌚

✔️ Check Rates and Availability

If you’re more of a night owl, you’ll want to try this small-group food tour and wine tasting in Athens by night.

Enjoy an assortment of cheeses, meats and other gourmet foods, and of course try out some of the alcohol on offer – from locally produced wines to raki, a classic Greek spirit.

Absolutely incredible experience! Amazing food and drinks with a phenomenal tour around the city! Can’t recommend highly enough!


Guiding you through this flavourful adventure is a local expert, who will lead you to uncover the city’s hidden culinary gems and their stories.


  • Visit delightful local eateries and an excellent wine bar.
  • Try five different Greek wine varieties!
  • Try velvety fava with smoked sygklino ham from Mani, to homemade phyllo pies, and everything in-between!
  • Explore the vibrant Agias Irinis Square and Plaka, the oldest neighbourhood in the city and tast the best souvlaki in town.
  • Parting gifts await all guests, so you’ll always remember your experience of this wonderful Athens night food and wine tour, which is DEFINITELY one of the best food tours in Athens!

6.Small-Group Athens Food Walk

Interior view of traditional central market in Athens, Greece.
Book this Exceptional Small-Group Athens Food Walk and explore Athens’ food markets.

✔️Rating: 5 stars⭐️

✔️Length: 4 hours⌚

✔️ Check Rates and Availability

Explore the diverse array of Greek culinary delights during this small-group evening food walk in Athens.

Experience tastings at a traditional deli, such as olives and souvlaki, a lively street food stall, a chic bar near St. Irene’s Square, and other major foodie spots.

Excellent experience in Athens! We were able to try many different dishes popular in the Greek culture – as well as experience many different “neighborhoods” in Athens. If you like food and walking – this is for you!



  • Wander on foot through diverse neighbourhoods such as the Commercial Triangle district.
  • Experience an array of eateries and bars, with vegetarian choices also on the menu.
  • Try classic foods such as gyros and a unique boat-shaped local pizza.
  • Navigate the artsy area of Psiri where you’ll enjoy a traditional dinner!

7.Small Group, Delicious Athens Food Tour

✔️Rating: 5 stars⭐️

✔️Length: 3 hours and 30 minutes⌚

✔️Check Rates and Availability

Indulge in the rich flavours of authentic Greek cuisine with this half-day small-group food tour in Athens.

One of the best food tours in Athens, you’ll be taken off the beaten-track. This tour is highly personalised with just 12 participants or less, so a truly intimate experience.

Walk the residential areas of Athens and get a taste (no pun intended) of everyday life, trying traditional foods along the way!

Guide was very informative and thoughtful to what the we were interested in. Was lucky to have only 4 in the group so it was a very personalized tour.



  • Try ten selected specialty food establishments, such as bakeries, charming eateries and Athens’ central open-air market.
  • Taste traditional foods and ingredients such as Greek honey, olive oil, aromatic spices, sweets, savoury cured meets and cheeses and of course, Greek coffee.
  • Wander the backstreets of Syntagma and the outskirts of Plaka, exploring local food stores.
  • Conclude your experience tasting the classic Greek souvlaki!

8.Get a Taste of Athens Food Tour

Spices, herbs and traditional Greek specialities on display in Athens, Greece.
Book this Get a Taste of Athens Food Tour and experience Athens’ renowned Spice Street.

✔️Rating: 5 stars⭐️

✔️Length: 3 hours and 30 minutes⌚

✔️Check Rates and Availability

The Get a Taste of Athens Food Tour will take you on a whirlwind culinary exploration through the heart of the Greek capital.

Meeting in central Athens at Monastiraki Square, your journey will encompass visits to charming tavernas, authentic food stalls, busy, open-air markets and much more.

Indulge in a diverse array of local delicacies and freshly grown produce. This popular tour gets booked up quickly as only a few tours are offered weekly, so make sure you secure your spot in advance!

We had a great time on this food tour. We stopped at five different eateries and tried a plethora of local delicacies. Our tour guide was great at explaining the food significance and differences between Greek and other cultures. The size of the group was perfect and allowed for good communication between all of us.



  • Absorb the sights and smells of Athens’ famous Spice Street.
  • Try culinary delights such as cheese pie, koulouri, loukomades, cold cuts, cheeses and olives.
  • Visit a range of local cafes and restaurants.
  • Explore the area with the guidance of an experienced world traveller and local expert guide.

9.Athens Food Tour with Tastings and Lunch

Top view of greek spanakopita pie with organic spinach.
Book this Athens Food Tour with Tastings and Lunch and sample Greek spanakopita pie!

✔️Rating: 5 stars⭐️

✔️Length: 4 hours⌚

✔️Check Rates and Availability

This Athens Food Tour with Tastings and Lunch will take you on a gastronomic journey through the bustling Varvakios Central Municipal Market and its surrounding eateries, providing an authentic taste of Athens’ culinary treasures.

Your palate will be treated to a symphony of flavours, including cheese, fruit, honey, coffee, yogurt, cold cuts, olives, olive oil, spanakopita and bougatsa.

Don’t miss this tour! This one of the BEST food tours I’ve done while travelling. It was a great introduction to Greek food and Athens. We tried a variety of traditional Greek food, olives, cheeses, pies, honey, drinks and desserts.



  • 20 tastings plus a full lunch with meze and desserts, suitable for vegetarians and mixed diet groups.
  • Explore Varvakios market and Athens’ vibey Psiri district.
  • Visit carefully curated local and authentic food establishments with incredible food options!

10.Eat Like an Athenian Food Tour of Athens

Close up view of rows of glazed Greek sesame bread
Book this Eat Like an Athenian Food Tour and try Greek delights such as koulouki.

✔️Rating: 5 stars⭐️

✔️Length: 3 hours⌚

✔️Check Rates and Availability

If you want to eat like a local, you’ll want to book this Eat Like an Athenian Food Tour.

You’ll embark on a delectable journey through Athens, guided by a local food enthusiast, sampling several traditional Greek dishes and tasty cocktails, while soaking up the culture and learning about Greek culture and everyday city life.

Our guide was so sweet and took us to a nice variety of places. The food was delicious. This was our first food tour and we will definitely do again.

Our guide was so sweet and took us to a nice variety of places. The food was delicious. This was our first food tour and we will definitely do again.



  • Kick-off your food experience by visiting a popular local favourite for pies, with cheese pie with authentic Greek feta cheese, spinach pie and more!
  • Sample traditional Greek foods such as olives and olive oil, honey, cheese, meats, Greek coffee, and koulouri whilst browsing the Varvakios Market (and try a cocktail or two along the way…)
  • Visit the oldest bakery in town” in the Psiri district.
  • Finish your tour with a delicious souvlaki at a popular Athenian restaurant!

11.Private Greek Food Tour in Athens

Close up of two Greek souvlaki with fries and dressing on a slate background.
Book this Private Greek Food Tour in Athens, and you can try classics such as souvlaki and much more!

✔️Rating: 5 stars⭐️

✔️Length: 4 hours⌚

✔️Check Rates and Availability

During this Private Greek Food Tour in Athens you’ll visit ten handpicked bakeries, cafes, delis and specialty stores in Athens’ most diverse neighbourhoods with the benefit of a private local guide for a more exclusive and personalised experience.

From souvlaki to artisanal cheeses to local honey and olive oil, indulge in traditional Greek delicacies as you visit ten handpicked bakeries, cafes, delis, and specialty stores.

Absolutely Amazing! Tania toured us through dozens of tasty restaurants that are favorites of locals and authentic to Greek culture. 5 stars for Tania and the Private Greek Food Tour in Athens!



  • Start your tour by meeting your private guide at Varvakios Market.
  • Move on to exploring the back streets of Athens’ up-and-coming Syntagma area.
  • Wander through Monastiraki’s flea market, with tasting spots on the way.
  • Indulge in traditional Greek delicacies, absorbing regional specialities such as savoury souvlaki and artisanal cheeses as well as delicious pastries.
  • Discover the cool neighbourhood of Psiri!

This private tour is one of Athens’ best food tours, with the benefit of a knowledgeable private guide helping you discover the best food the Greek’s capital has to offer.

Close up of loukoumades on a plate with honey and cinnamon, on one of the best food tours in Athens.

Searching exclusively for Athens private food tours?
Read this blog for the best private food tours you don’t want to miss!

Best Food Tours in Athens: Final Thoughts

From tasty souvlaki, to koulouri (sesame bread), loukoumades (doughnuts) delicious honey, olives and cured meats, you have the best of the world’s cuisine awaiting you in Athens.

And the perfect way to indulge in these delicious treats inexpensively and conveniently is to book a food tour, where you’ll get the benefits of an expert guide and access to the most authentic cuisine the city has to offer.

Close up of loukoumades on a plate with honey and cinnamon, on one of the best food tours in Athens.

Still wondering what Athens food tour to choose? this Gourmet Food Walking Tour has over 1,000 positive, 5-star reviews!

You’ll be sure to unveil some incredible dishes that you’ll never forget and that will keep you coming back for more year after year!

While touring, you’ll also get a chance to discover historical and cultural secrets of Athens and absorb the wonders of the local culture.

Which of these food tours in Athens sound best to you? Make sure you book your favourite to secure your place so you can fully indulge in a foodie paradise!

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