What Is The Nicest Part Of Kefalonia? Top 12 Places You Need to Know About

A stunning view of Assos port on the island of Kefalonia

What is the Nicest Part of Kefalonia? Keep Reading to Find Out..

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands in Greece and offers an intoxicating blend of stunning landscapes, from dramatic mountains and ancient forests to serene bays with crystal-clear waters. In this article, I’m going to discuss what is the nicest part of Kefalonia – the top 12 places – from beaches to authentic towns and villages, you’re spoilt for choice!

As I’ve previously discussed there’s a special place in my heart for Kefalonia. I’ve gone there most years over the last decade and have many friends and family on the islandit’s definitely one of my favourite islands of Greece.

As you explore this beautiful island, you’ll find that each area has its unique charm, whether you’re looking for tranquil villages, historic landmarks or some of the most beautiful beaches in the Greek Isles.

The island’s diverse geography means there is a range of activities available, so whether you prefer a relaxing day by the sea or an adventurous trek through nature, Kefalonia has something special for you.

Agia Eleni beach in Kefalonia Island, Greece. Most beautiful rocky wild beaches with clear emerald water and high white cliffs. Hidden beach.

The island boasts a rich history that is visible through its traditional architecture, centuries-old monasteries, and old fishing villages dotted along the coastline.

Yet, Kefalonia’s not just for history buffs; nature lovers are drawn to this gorgeous Greek island for its incredible natural attractions, from the stunning Myrtos Beach with its white sands and turquoise water, to the enchanting Melissani Lake in a cave, and the lush trails on Mount Ainos.

If you’re staying in Kefalonia for the first time, you’ll appreciate the easy access to amenities, a variety of hotels ranging from luxury to boutique, and a selection of local foods that tell the tale of the island’s rich culture.

Ready to learn more about the top 12 nicest parts of Kefalonia. Let’s go!

*Please note this list is in no particular order…

1. Myrtos Beach

View of Myrtos Beach, one of the 17 best beaches in Kefalonia, Greece.
Myrtos Beach is one of the most stunning places to visit in Kefalonia.

When I first visited Myrtos Beach I was blown away. It took me a few trips to get the opportunity to visit, because it’s quite far from my normal stomping ground of Lixouri.

But, after being told by family and friends how much I was missing out on, I got to go and it was well worth it…

The waters are shimmering blue and the surrounding landscape is stunning. It’s no wonder Myrtos offers one of the most photogenic landscapes in the Ionian Islands.

A steep, winding road leads to a vantage point, where a breathtaking panorama unfolds before your eyes — sheer limestone cliffs descend into the striking azure waters. The contrast between the white pebble beach and the rich blue sea creates an outstanding view that is considered one of the best in Kefalonia.

To access Myrtos, you may want to hire a car, although it’s also accessible via public transport. If you’re staying in Agia Efimia Myrtos is a walk away.

2. Fiscardo Village

What is the nicest part of Kefalonia to stay in? Some would say Fiscardo. In this image, you can see a view of boats at sunset in Fiscardo village which can be found in the north of Kefalonia.
A view of Fiscardo’s harbour at dusk

Nestled at the northernmost tip of the island, Fiscardo exudes an old-world elegance that immediately sets itself apart as an upmarket destination.

Fiscardo rates as one of my favourite places to stay in Kefalonia. Why? Because it has a unique charm that draws you in, even though it’s relatively small in comparison to larger draws like Lixouri or Argostoli.

With a laid-back allure and picturesque setting, this small fishing village is an enticing prospect for visitors seeking a refined yet inviting atmosphere.

Luckily Fiscardo still manages to keep some of its traditional vibe — despite being frequented by well-heeled jet-set travellers from all over Europe.

Fiscardo is encircled by some of the most spectacular beaches on the island. These include the beautiful Emblisi Beach, where crystal clear waters meet a pebble shore framed by olive groves.

A short walk from the village’s main square, this beach offers easy access for a refreshing dip or a day soaking up the Ionian sun.

Not far from Fiscardo, another striking option is to visit Myrtos Beach featured above, which is famous for its dazzling white sands and turquoise sea.

Emmelise Nature Resort

If you’re looking for a luxurious experience, venture a little from the village centre and check out the Emelisse Nature Resort, a sanctuary where gorgeous accommodation is seamlessly integrated with beautiful natural surroundings.

Whether you are unwinding in the resort’s hot tub, enjoying the panoramic sea views, or exploring the nearby olive groves and coastal pathways, the Emelisse presents the perfect place for both relaxation and connecting with Kefalonia’s pristine environments.

Offering world-class facilities and exceptional service, it stands as one of the best hotels for those looking to indulge whilst staying close to Fiscardo’s charm.

3. Melissani Lake

Melissani Lake on Kefalonia island, Greece.

Melissani Lake is located near the town of Sami and offers a unique combination of natural beauty and historic significance with its crystal-clear waters and captivating cave structures.

Upon your visit, you’ll be greeted by the ethereal beauty of the lake’s shimmering blue waters. The sunlight plays a dramatic role here when it pierces through the cave’s top opening, illuminating the water in a spectrum of azure hues, creating a mesmerising effect.

Adventurous souls can explore the cave by boat, escorted by guides who unveil the region’s geological and historical secrets.

The partially collapsed rooftop of the cave, resulting from a natural phenomenon, has made Melissani famous not only for its subterranean lake but also for the unique experience it offers of boating beneath a natural skylight.

I was lucky enough to visit the lake on my very first visit to Kefalonia, which gave me a good starting point for understanding the authenticity and natural, raw beauty of the island.

Family of four on a boat on Melissani Lake, near Sami, Kefalonia Island, Greece.
Me and my fam at Melissani Lake in Kefalonia!

4. Drogarati Cave

Image of Dro

As you step into Drogarati Cave, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a breathtaking subterranean landscape. The cave, estimated to be over 100 million years old, boasts an array of stalactites and stalagmites formed from limestone.

These intricate structures have developed over millions of years through the slow deposition of calcium carbonate.

The size of the cave measures 65 metres in width and 45 metres in length, with a height of approximately 20 metres, creating an awe-inspiring environment.

The acoustics inside Drogarati Cave are so pristine that they have allowed the cave to serve as an unconventional concert hall, used for musical events and cultural performances.

This natural amphitheatre enhances the sounds, making the quality of the music rich and full, providing an unforgettable experience for both performers and audiences alike.

Whether you are a regular traveller to Kefalonia or a first-timer, Drogarati Cave will never disappoint.

5. Assos Village

Where do I start with Assos Village? It’s so charming you’ll never want to leave!

Famous for its vibrant and colourful houses perched above the Ionian Sea, the village’s quaint hillside setting frames every view with historical elegance, creating a sense of stepping back in time.

Many of the buildings in Assos reflect traditional Venetian style, a nod to the island’s past under Venetian rule, which lends a unique aesthetic distinct from other areas of Kefalonia.

You’ll notice, even the narrow alleyways radiate charm, lined with the deep purple tones of bougainvilleas.

Assos is quite a drive from the vibrant towns of Argostoli and Lixouri, so for most people it’s a day trip.

One way to pass your time is to have a bite to eat at one of the lovely restaurants surrounding the port and then take a swim in the clear waters.

Try Estiatorio Platanos for classic Greek food and 3 Wise Monkeys for a more diverse menu.

Just remember that because of Assos’ location in the northwest, it can be a bit windy in comparison to other places.

Overall, the village’s atmosphere is warm and inviting, providing a haven for those looking to soak up the authentic hospitality of Kefalonian culture.

6. Mount Ainos

At the heart of Kefalonia, Mount Ainos stands as a majestic centerpiece, boasting a National Park status due to its unique environmental significance.

A backdrop to Lourdas Beach, a lovely beach in the southwest of the island, Mount Ainos is the perfect place for nature lovers to explore the raw beauty of the island’s mountainous terrain and discover the rich variety of flora and fauna that inhabit it.

Mount Ainos offers a network of hiking trails, with the main attraction being the route leading to the park’s highest peak at 1,628 metres.

Once you’ll up there, you’ll experience panoramic sea views stretching across the Ionian Sea and the neighbouring islands.

For a gentle hike, the short walk to the summit from the public transport drop-off point is ideal, ensuring easy access to the stunning vistas

7. Argostoli

Argostoli’s glamorous waterfront promenade…

As the capital of Kefalonia, Argostoli offers a unique blend of modern amenities and traditional Greek charm, making it a must-visit destination on the island.

Close to the airport, you’ve pretty much got all you need in Argostoli.

From vibrant cultural experiences to the local gastronomy and picturesque beaches, you’re sure to find something that piques your interest.

Despite suffering extensive damage in the mid-20th-century earthquake, the town has been rebuilt with an eye to retaining its classic Greek atmosphere.

The rebuilt palm tree-lined waterfront promenade has an old-school glamour vibe and presents an array of opportunities to immerse yourself in the local way of life.

Oh…and don’t forget to treat yourself to delicious ice cream from one of the many shops along the waterfront!

The town’s also known for its many shops where you can find clothes, jewellery and souvenirs. Three of my favourites include Grace, Alegria and Ozzie.

When it comes to dining, Argostoli does not disappoint. For food enthusiasts, a visit to the local tavernas around the main town square, Plateia Valianou, is a chance to experience authentic Greek cuisine where you’ll find everything from fresh seafood to traditional moussaka.

Top tip: Try Premier Restaurant which has the most delicious desserts I’ve ever sampled!

Not far from the town centre, you’ll find several stunning beaches. Makris Gialos and Platis Gilaos are two such beaches, boasting golden sands and azure waters, while nearby, less crowded coves offer peaceful retreats for those seeking tranquillity.

8. Petani Beach

General view of Petani Beach, Kefalonia, Greece, which is frequently voted the best beach in Kefalonia.
Petani Beach is persistently cited as the best beach in Kefalonia.

Nestled on the Paliki peninsula, Petani Beach is a haven for visitors seeking a picturesque setting with striking sunset views and sufficient beach amenities.

Many people say it’s the best beach in Kefalonia, with its white pebbles and clean, blue waters.

Witnessing the sunset at Petani Beach is a must-do experience. As the day gently winds down, you can soak in the kaleidoscope of colours splashing across the sky, reflecting off the glossy sea.

And the dramatic cliffs that frame the beach provide an exceptional vantage point for this daily spectacle, making Petani a wonderful option for couples.

When it comes to convenience, Petani Beach caters well to your needs. You’ll find sun loungers for hire directly in front of the local tavernas.

Remember that Petani can be very busy at peak times in peak season, so be sure to start out early, especially if you’re driving.

9. Lixouri

View of metropolitan church of Pantokrator at Lixouri City.
Metropolitan church of ‘Pantokrator’ at Lixouri city.

Lixouri is located on the Paliki peninsula and one of Kefalonia’s main towns.

More authentic and traditionally Greek than Argostoli, the charm of Lixouri unfolds with its vibrant town squares, cultural festivals, and stunning Xi Beach.

In the heart of Lixouri, you’ll find the main square, Plateia Petritsi. Surrounded by cafes and eateries, it’s a perfect spot to immerse yourself in the daily buzz of local life.

General view of Plateia Petritsi, Lixouri, Kefalonia, Greece.
Plateia Petritsi is Lixouri’s vibrant main square.

The square is also often the heart for live music and community gatherings and in summer attracts a lot of children keen to play and have fun!

There are tons of the usual tourist shops in the winding streets around Lixouri coming off the main square where you can pick up some lovely gifts for yourself and course, family and friends.

When it comes to restaurants, check out  Spavento, which is right on the seafront, or Akrogiali – which has a lovely balcony view overlooking the harbour.

Avli is another excellent option and probably one of my favourite options. The food is absolutely outstanding..

The local beach is Xi Beach, a visual delight with its red sands and very shallow waters, making it a great option for families. There’s a variety of water sports to keep you occupied and a main outdoor chilled bar called Alaya, where you can hang out all day and order food and drinks!

Outside view of Alaya Beach Bar at Xi Beach, Kefalonia, Greece.
Alaya Beach Bar at sunset. Alaya is on Xi Beach and a great place to hang out.

10. Saint Gerasimos Monastery

Top view of the monastery of Agios Gerasimos on the island of Kefalonia, Greece.
Monastery of Agios Gerasimos. Saint Gerasimos is the patron saint of Kefalonia.

Nestled just off the main road a short distance from Argostoli, Saint Gerasimos Monastery is not only a beacon of spiritual significance for the locals but also a stunning example of ecclesiastical architecture.

Saint Gerasimos is revered as the patron saint of Kefalonia, and you’ll find that the monastery plays a central role in the spiritual life of the island’s inhabitants.

Within its walls, many religious artefacts are safeguarded, and importantly, the monastery is a sanctuary housing the relics of the saint himself. Pilgrims often visit to pay their respects and seek blessings.

As you approach, you are greeted by the impressive large structure of the Saint Gerasimos Monastery, which boasts a distinctive blend of Byzantine and Renaissance elements.

The monastery’s bold facade gives way to an interior rich with intricate frescoes and ornate icons. The surrounding garden has a serene, peaceful feel.

11. Agia Efimia

Picturesque Agia Efimia village on Kefalonia island at night, Ionian sea, Greece.
Agia Effimia village at night.

Agia Efimia is a lovely Kefalonia fishing village, with a blend of local charm and natural splendour, making it a truly peaceful and authentic Greek village setting.

Whether you are seeking relaxation or an opportunity to explore the island, Agia Efimia provides a good base for your adventures on the beautiful Ionian Island of Kefalonia.

Agia Efimia serves as an excellent base for exploring the rest of the island while offering a peaceful and serene holiday experience.

For example, you can explore the hills around Agia Efimia, and you’re likely to stumble upon ancient ruins and relics from the earthquake of 1956, a must-see for any visitor interested in Kefalonia’s rich cultural heritage.

The village boasts several remote beautiful beaches perfect for a tranquil day by the Ionian Sea. A short walk from the centre leads to sandy gems like Myrtos Beach, renowned for its crystal clear water and white pebbles.

Nearby, Sikidi Bay, Lithovatis Beach, and the sequestered Kapsolimionas Beach offer spectacular beaches to sunbathe and swim, all within easy access from Agia Efimia.

12. Skala Beach

Skala Beach view from above, Kefalonia, Greece.
Skala Beach view from above.

When you visit Kefalonia, Skala Beach is a destination you should certainly not miss. It’s a very popular spot, with the sandy shore and turquoise waters being a major tourist draw.

Located on the edge of Skala Town, the beach is accessible and equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas for hire.

The area is very buzzy, with many tavernas and cafes nearby where you can enjoy a variety of food options.

If you’re eager to explore beyond sunbathing and swimming, Skala Beach is complemented by a backdrop of pine trees and offers a variety of water sports.

Whether you’re looking to hire a pedalo, try your hand at windsurfing, or embark on a kayak adventure, this beach provides an ideal setting!

The combination of inviting waters, stunning natural scenery, and well-positioned amenities makes Skala Beach a top spot on your Kefalonia must-visit list.

What is the Nicest Part of Kefalonia Top 12 Places – Final Thoughts

Kefalonia is a perfect holiday spot with its rustic beauty and variety of things to do and see. The Ionian Islands are celebrated for their natural beauty, and Kefalonia stands out with its pretty coastal villages and olive groves.

When considering what is the nicest part of Kefalonia, it’s essential to factor in what you’re seeking from your visit.

If you’re a nature lover looking for beautiful beaches, Agia Efimia is a great place to start, offering easy access to Myrtos Beach, renowned for its spectacular beaches.

If you’re looking for more of a relaxing, upmarket experience, Fiscardo Village sits in the north of Kefalonia, a small fishing village that survived the devastating earthquake and retains much of its original charm.

With nearby pebble beaches, crystal clear water, and cypress trees, it’s a favourite place for those seeking authenticity away from the beaten track.

For those interested in the island’s rich history and traditional architecture, the capital town of Argostoli serves as a perfect place for exploration.

A short walk across the De Bosset Bridge offers scenic sea views and access to the Archaeological Museum. Argostoli also provides luxury hotels like the Kefalonia Grand, ensuring a comfortable stay within close proximity to the main attractions.

And let’s not forget the vibrant town of Lixouri, which is a traditional place you’ll definitely want to visit to get a feel of the real Kefalonia.

Whether you’re savouring local food in Skala, enjoying live music in a quaint café, or taking a boat trip from the main town, Kefalonia’s beautiful island ambiance is sure to captivate. 

Public transport can help you navigate but renting a vehicle might be the best way to explore Kefalonia’s diverse beautiful places.

Each small town and traditional village offers unique experiences, from coastal drives with sandy beaches to inland trails through olive groves.

So, take a closer look and find your perfect spot on this beautiful Ionian island of Kefalonia.

Fiskardo Foki Beach with Crystal Clear Waters Bay

What is the Nicest Part of Kefalonia – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, you’ll find targeted information to help you identify the nicest parts of Kefalonia for your specific travel needs, whether you’re travelling with family, as a couple, without a car, or simply looking for the most stunning locations.

Where can families find the most suitable accommodation options in Kefalonia?

You’ll find family-friendly accommodations in areas like Skala, known for its sandy beaches and gentle waters. The resort’s array of hotels caters to families with children, providing amenities like pools and kids’ clubs.

Couples looking for a romantic getaway will appreciate the charming setting of Fiscardo Village, with its quaint harbour, boutique accommodations, and fine dining options, all set against the backdrop of a serene coastal village.

What are the top locations in Kefalonia for travellers without personal transport?

If you’re travelling without personal transport, consider staying in Lassi. It’s close to the capital, Argostoli, with frequent bus services and a variety of amenities within walking distance, including stunning beaches and a lively nightlife.

Which villages in Kefalonia are noted for their exceptional beauty?

The village of Assos stands out for its exceptional beauty, with its colourful houses perched around a tranquil bay, a castle offering breathtaking views, and a setting that seems detached from time.

Is the northern or southern region of Kefalonia more appealing for tourists?

Tourists often find the northern region of Kefalonia more appealing for its blend of mountainous landscapes and stunning coastlines, culminating in sites like Myrtos Beach, while the south offers flatter terrain and more developed tourist infrastructure.


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